The simplest and easiest yoga timer

Make your yoga even more efficient and concentrate solely on your exercises


Simple and simple surfaces.


With just a few clicks to an individual session.


Keep track of your past sessions.

Free of charge

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Your journey to inner peace through yoga

iGong is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their yoga practice. It offers a user-friendly and personalised experience with different timing options and sound alarms to support the exercises. It can also help maintain a regular yoga routine by providing reminders and tracking progress.

Overall, iGong is a practical and useful app for anyone looking to take their yoga practice to the next level.

How it works

Quick and easy to your individual yoga session. And this is how it works:


Quickly get to your session by pushing the rule.


Keep an overview at all times and see where you stand.


Being alerted to your break by gongs.


"Fulfils the purpose exactly, very appealing design and still free of charge. I can only recommend it!
"I have been looking for a suitable yoga app for ages. Igong fulfils everything I was looking for. 5 stars is still too few, thank you very much !"
Yoga Lieberhaber 🙏

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iGong is available for both platforms, Android and iOS. This means that both Android and iOS users can enjoy the practical and easy-to-use yoga timer app. iGong is the ideal support for anyone who practices yoga regularly and wants to time their exercises precisely